The Importance of an Excel Homepage

The first file I open when I get to work is ‘HomeBase.xls’. This is my Excel Homepage.

HomeBase has a variety of features packed into a single screen that help me throughout my day:

  • A list of upcoming important calendar items – synced with Outlook each morning – that I can open by double-clicking.
  • A to-do list that highlights items when they’re past due and can be crossed out with a right-click.
  • A list of frequently used Excel files that can be quickly opened from HomeBase instead of browsing for them.
  • Shortcuts to all my most frequently used macros
  • A mini mail client – automatically synced every minute with Outlook – that only shows the unread items in important mail folders
  • Quick access to frequently used programs like Bloomberg, Google Chrome, and the Windows Calculator
  • The temperature and chance of precipitation for today and tomorrow
  • My stock portfolio with live quotes from Bloomberg
  • And most importantly… what the cafeteria is serving for lunch today, automatically pulled from an e-mail sent by the front desk

That is not even the complete list, and yet the entire homepage fits on one screen without any scrolling necessary. I’ve included a stripped-down version of my HomeBase in the example files on the right. It is optimized for 1280×1024, although I use 1600×1200. It has the mailbox feature – right-click to mark as read, double-click to open – the to-do list feature, and the calendar feature.

Creating a homepage is a simple way to improve your productivity and create a more personalized work experience.

For Excel pros, it can be a fun way to expand your skills as you try and create more advanced widgets to add-on.

For beginners, Excel Solutions offers extremely affordable basic homepages with full-service support. Homepages can be expanded piece-by-piece as new needs are discovered, or we can build an advanced Homepage from scratch.

The possibilities for what you can include in your homepage are endless. Just imagine how you can make your day easier or more organized and we can turn it into reality.


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